Breathing Techniques

Looking for an easy and fast way to manage stress?  Try breathing. Unless you're an athlete, a singer or a wind musician, you probably didn't grow up learning how to breathe properly.  North America is full of shallow breathers and we tend to over look the power of breathing as a vital health tool. Controlling our breath to energize or relax is easily learned.  Shown here is one technique to get you started.

Relaxing Breath Technique

You can calm your mind with the Relaxing Breathing Technique known in Sanskrit as Nadi Shodhana. In English this means, "clearing the channels". Nadi Shodhana is very beneficial when you are having a lot of anxious thoughts, and when you are trying to quiet your mind. It requires the use of your right hand to alternately close your right, then left nostril. Hold your hand so your thumb, index finger and remaining fingers are separated. You use your thumb to close your right nostril and your third and fourth finger to close your left. Take a slow moderately deep breath, and then close off your right nasal passage with your thumb.

Exhale slowly through your left nostril, then inhale slowly through your left nostril, then close off your left nostril with your third and fourth fingers. Exhale through your right nostril, inhale through your right nostril and then again close your right nasal passage, exhaling through your left. Continue with this pattern for five to ten minutes alternating the nostril after each inhalation. After just a few cycles you will experience your mindcalming and your body relaxing.


Interested in more? We're here to help you. All workshops at Salish Sea Well Being include instruction and practice in a variety of breathing techniques.

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