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Salish Sea WELL BEING celebrates the oneness of BEING and the importance of lifestyle balance for a healthy mind & body. Our educational workshops, retreats and custom training programs are designed to help individuals and organizations achieve better lifestyle balance using tools and techniques for self-healing based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga.

We specialize in small group workshops and Workplace Well Being programs for senior leadership teams and organizations.   My colleagues and I look forward to serving you. Namaste, Mary Garden

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Lifestyle choices and the experiences we have in daily life impact our ability to stay balanced. The average human experiences over 60,000 thought a day and each one has the ability to create an imbalance. Imbalances cause stress on the mind-body system and untreated stress leads to disease. By understanding your unique mind and body balance and developing tools and strategies to rebalance, you can achieve a sustainable lifestyle balance at home, at work and at play.

At Salish Sea Well Being, we draw on the eastern philosophies of Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda to offer lifestyle training programs and executive coaching services designed to support you to lead Your Best Life. Contact us today about your needs.

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More and more organizations and industry leaders are starting to recognize that health, wellness, creativity and motivation in the workplace are essential ingredients for success and sustained performance. Organizations with healthy employees who maintain a good work-life balance, who practice healthy stress-busting habits and who engage effectively with peers have shown reductions in health care expenses and employee absenteeism.

Call us to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation about workplace well being programs for your workplace.

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We are certified Life-Cycle Celebrants specializing in helping individuals, families, companies and communities plan and officiate their special, custom designed ceremonies. Working closely with clients, we will craft your unique, custom design day to reflect whats important to you and those in attendance.

No ceremony too small or too large, we are honoured to support all of your life’s major events. Serving the Greater Victoria area and beyond.

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Well being is that state where our body mind and spirit are in balance - where we exist easily and effortlessly in sync with world around us. We can learn how to achieve a place of balanced well being but we can not stay there. The human experience is dynamic and we are impacted by the choices we make and experiences we have that are constantly creating imbalances in our lives. Our workshops at Salish Sea Well Being focus on helping individuals and groups understand their unique lifestyle balance and develop the tool kit for rebalancing mind and body throughout our lives.

Register for one of our signature workshops in Meditation and Perfect Health or immerse yourself with WOW Victoria 2016, a full weekend retreat. Contact us about custom workshops for your organization - no group too small or too large.

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