Meditation is  Everywhere.

Imagine if there was a way to cut stress out of your life, increase your focus, and even get a better night's sleep. Meditation can do all this for you. Plus, it's even been shown to slow down the aging process. Want to know more?

Meditation is embraced and practiced by professional athletes, business power brokers, students, soccer moms and retirees worldwide. Our bookshelves and news feeds are full of new perspectives on how to meditate and the results are remarkable. Meditation is alot like diving into a pool. No matter your style, your technique, your experience or how deep you go, everyone still gets wet.


  • Find one or two styles that fit your life. Experiment.
  • Stick with it – at least daily for 21 days to build a habit.
  • If you fall off the wagon, just get back on and keep going.
  • Don’t worry about what happens in the experience. Just be with it.
  • Find good teachers and learn. Really important to support you!
  • Join in a group meditation when you can. Check local resources and online.
  • Just do it

At Salish Sea Well Being, we offer an Introduction to Meditation program that is specially designed to get those new to the practice set on the right path. In our Primordial Sound Meditation workshop, you will experience a more extensive overview of meditation  and receive your personal mantra.

Click Here for schedule information about current workshops. Give us a call for custom group and workplace enquiries. In Victoria at 778-677-6550,

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