What if you could make a positive impact on your day while you were sitting at your desk, riding the bus or waiting for an appointment? What if you only have 10 minutes? Try this. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe and just be. Spend your time simply being aware and mindful of your mind-body sensations, images, feelings and thoughts.

Mindful meditation is actually the opposite of focus or concentration. It’s about being awake and aware of every single moment without your ego interpreting or labeling. Just you in silence, witnessing your thoughts, observing your breath, any sensations in your body and your passing emotions. Mindfulness meditation is about present moment awareness without judgement or commentary. In mindfulness, there is no good and bad, right or wrong. There simply is.

At Salish Sea Well Being, we incorporate short duration mindfulness meditation in many of our workshops and training programs along with other types of mantra meditation. It’s easy to get started and a powerful tool for calming the mind, quieting the ego and improving mental clarity and focus.

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