"I had been considering taking a mediation course and seriously giving it a try for years. When I met Mary, I knew she was the right person to introduce me to it. Her classes are small, personal and in a beautiful setting on the water. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone curious about how meditation might help them deal with stress and improve their overall well-being." RF  June 2016

"From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Mary from Salish Sea Well Being for introducing me to Primordial Sound Meditation." BJ, September 2015

"Mary Garden is a skilled presenter and educator. The course was both informative and enjoyable. The structure and pace of the course were excellent.  Participation  and  interaction  were  encouraged.   The  course content  was  organized  and  easy  to  follow.  The use of overheads helped to convey the key teaching points. The  materials that were  distributed  were  helpful and reinforced the learning.  Not only was it very evident that Mary knew the subject matter very well, but she was also very well prepared.  The venue (Fishermans Wharf) for the course was relaxing, comfortable and conducive to the meditation theme.  In short, a very worthwhile and informative." R.B. June 2016

By taking this class I have gained greater insight into who I really am and how to connect with source energy. I look forward to using my personal mantra each morning as it will help me focus while I practice meditation.Everyone has so much going on in their lives and our daily commitments make it challenging to take time to slow down and breathe. This amazing class has helped me to realize how important it is to allow ourselves to take a little bit of "ME TIME" each and every day. I would highly recommend making the time to take any class Mary has to offer. She is a skilled and gentle guide who will help you find your true path in this amazing life." A.G.  November 2015 – Primordial Sound Meditation Training

"Amazing Instruction Mary!!" Jordan G, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

"Mary is a very gentle and knowledgeable teacher; she asks for feedback and wants to make sure everyone is comfortable with the teachings and takeaways. Loved it!!!" Judy F, January 2016

"Safe, sharing, caring and welcoming environment. Thank you!" Patricia L, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

"Love how intimate and personal the classes are! Very fun, casual and educational. I always felt amazing afterwards! Mary you are so in your element – it feels like you have been teaching these classes for years!" Norris W, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

"I came into this class not knowing what to expect and found myself after 5 weeks already living a less stressful lifestyle and finding a better balance within myself and a much stronger feeling of happiness." Dani H, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

"I would rate this 5 week course with 5 stars!! Mary was very informed with all the materials. The class was also a lot of fun! I would highly recommend any course that Mary teaches" Angie I, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

"You are a thoughtful and thought provoking guide on what is now a lifetime journey for me" Allison G, December 2015 - Perfect Health Workshop

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