What is Workplace Well Being?

Organizations with healthy employees have lower health care expenses and less employee absenteeism. Their employees maintain better work-life balance, develop positive stress-busting habits, and engage with peers more effectively.

By creating a workplace culture that values employee Well Being, you unleash the real power in your organization. Get ready to maximize your potential and expand your success. We can help. Ask about our Lunch & Learn workshops for your office - info@salishseawllbeing.com


What makes a successful Workplace Well Being program?

1) Alignment with Company Values & Goals:  Any Workplace Well Being program needs to be linked to how your company defines success, and your key performance indicators (KPIs), especially when it comes to company values and goals.

2) Return on Investment (ROI):  Like any other company initiative, there needs to be an ROI with a business case that articulates the objectives for well-being and how you will determine and measure success.

3) Senior Management Endorsement:  Getting senior management to buy in, especially from the CEO is important. Get them involved early,  ideally as your spokesperson and very visible in their support.

4) Look for Early Wins:  Plan your program to have milestones for achievements and the ability for employees to be motivated early and often. 

5) Have Fun!  This is a great initiative for employees to rally around. Make sure you build in opportunities for celebration and a little friendly competition.

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